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18 November 2022

US Environmental Protection Agency opens applications for assessment of environmental performance standards and ecolabels for federal purchasing

EPA’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Program would like to alert you of the opportunity for your organization to apply to be assessed and potentially

13 October 2022

White Paper: Ecolabels and their role in mitigating climate change

GEN has launched a white paper during World Ecolabel Day examining the important role of ecolabels in mitigating climate change. The paper brings recent

6 October 2022

World Ecolabel Day 2022 – Interview with Kate Harris

Interview with Kate Harris – World Ecolabel Day 2022 Each year more than 50 countries around the world celebrate World Ecolabel Day. World Ecolabel

9 September 2022

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2 September 2022

GEN Magazine Edition 42

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8 June 2022

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5 June 2022

Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Buildings Continue the Growth Journey in the Nordics

New figures from Nordic Ecolabelling show that the number of buildings certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel has increased by 89 % in just two years. Around 66,000 Nordic Swan certified apartments, small houses and buildings for schools and pre-schools are now completed or under construction.

5 June 2022

China Environmental Labelling Certification

CEC was recognised by China Environment News as “2021 National Environmental Corporation Renowned Brand .”
China Environment News recently announced the final selection of

22 March 2022

April Member Meet-up: Celebrating Member Milestones and Achievements

The theme for this member meet-up was celebrating our members milestones/achievements and birthdays. We heared from Environmental Choice New Zealand and EU Flower, the

21 March 2022

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17 March 2022

GEN Magazine Edition 41

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8 December 2021

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5 October 2021

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13 September 2021

GEN Magazine Edition 40

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28 July 2021

Inaugural GEN Member Meet Up ̶ a Conversation on Circular Economy Solutions

How can Type 1 ecolabels be part of the answer? What are you doing as an ecolabel to drive excellence in circular economy solutions

22 June 2021

Meet Up ̶ a Conversation on Circular Economy Solutions

We know how important it is to design products with the end in mind and we are not alone. The rise of circular economy

5 June 2021

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30 March 2021

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12 March 2021

GEN Magazine Edition 39

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22 December 2020

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31 October 2020

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2 September 2020

GEN Magazine Edition 38

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2 September 2020

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30 June 2020

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