China Environment News recently announced the final selection of "2021 National Environmental Corporation Renowned Brand". CEC won the award for its comprehensive technical strength in ecolabeling product certification, industry green development, low carbon and environmental services.
CEC was recognised by China Environment News as “2021 National Environmental Corporation Renowned Brand .”

China Environment News recently announced the final selection of “2021 National Environmental Corporation Renowned Brand”. CEC won the award for its comprehensive technical strength in ecolabeling product certification, industry green development, low carbon and environmental services.

Experienced experts strictly evaluate National Environmental Corporation Renowned Brand based on comprehensive performances. The evaluation process includes the environmental brand strategy and development plan, environmental scientific research and innovation capacity, suitability and applicability of services, service system and business model, etc. CEC won the award because of its focus on key areas of ecological environment protection, providing support to government, promoting SCP, meeting carbon peak and carbon neutrality targets with the help of market tools, and providing environmental solutions to key industries over the past years. With independent, impartial, and high-quality assessment and certification, CEC offers good service for government, enterprises and the public, which creates a bridge between green production and consumption.

In the future, CEC will continue the improvement of its services capacity; and contribute to the achievement of global sustainable development goals.

Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

The Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (Beijing 2022) have presented a safe, green and exceptional Olympics. CEC made significant contributions for the green and sustainable Olympic Games with its leading role in ecolabel certification.

“Green, comfort and healthy” furniture

CEC licensee BBMG Tiantan Furniture Co., Ltd. was the furniture supplier to Beijing 2022, and it provided over 211,000 pieces of furniture for 43 venues of Beijing 2022. Many furniture products have been certified, complying with China Environmental Labelling furniture criteria, providing comfort and a healthy working and living environment for athletes and staff. In addition, some furniture pieces have innovative designs and were also used in the Paralympic Games. 

High-quality domestic coatings

SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd. was the exclusive official coatings supplier of Beijing 2022. It provided green coating services for a dozen projects, such as the construction of the National Ski Jumping Center and the environment-friendly helmet of China’s national team of short track speed skating. These products comply with China Environmental Labelling criteria of Water-based Coatings and Water-Proof Coatings. These high quality and safe coating materials provided a green, comfortable, healthy and beautiful sports venue.

Green plastic pipelines

Under cold weather and special conditions, skiing and skating sports have higher and stricter reliability requirements for water supply and drainage pipelines. China Environmental Labelling certified PPR pipe, PVC drain pipe, HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe, e-PSP steel and plastic compound pipe, and PE pipe were widely used in Olympic villages and venues. These environment-friendly products meet the ecolabel criteria of Plastic Pipes for Construction. They are resistant to high pressure and corrosion without the need for special protection measures under low temperatures. They reflect the innovation-driven and green leading role of China Environmental Labelling criteria.

Green and biodegradable tableware

Anhui Fengyuan Biochemical Co., Ltd. was a disposable tableware supplier for Beijing 2022. The biodegradable plastic tableware meets China Environmental Labelling criteria of Plastic Packaging Products, which has strict requirements for phthalate plasticizer content, degradability and heavy metal contents.

For the last 20 years, CEC has followed “innovation, coordination, green, open and collaboration” concepts. In the future, CEC will focus on critical environmental topics, exploring solutions offered by its ecolabel and environment services to tackle plastic pollution, climate change and biodiversity reduction.

China Environmental Labelling becomes compulsory requirement to Support Green Publication Transformation 

The Measures of Assessment and Rated Management of High-Quality Development of Publication and Printing Enterprises of Beijing was released lately, focusing on grading and evaluation of the printing enterprises in Beijing. The rating is Tier I, II, III and IV from high to low. 

“Certification of China Environmental Labelling” is the compulsory requirement for Tier I and II under the assessment criterion. The criterion states that various government preferential policies, supporting programs and incentive funds will support priority to Tier I and II enterprises. The measures are developed by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication, which focuses on enterprises’ services capacity, green and environmental protection level, business management status, performances of innovation and development etc. The release and implementation of the measures will improve the standard system, establish an industry best practice and guide the development of relevant enterprises. 

As an important category of China Environmental Labelling, green printing has become the industry best practice guiding green consumption and production. Since 2016, the green printing of China Environmental Labelling has been implemented in the printing industry and achieved 1.3 billion textbooks for all middle and primary schools nationwide. In addition, green printing has been adopted by more than 40% of publishers and covers many books, including children’s books. There are three green printing criteria covering books and magazines, invoices, packages and decorations. CEC will further improve criteria and indicators, guide sustainable consumption and production, and provide more enterprises with new solutions to high-quality green development in the coming few years. 

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