Why Shop for GEN Member Ecolabels?

All GEN members products and services:

  • protects the health of you and your family
  • protects our environment, our planet and our future
  • reduces the overall impact throughout product life
  • is performance tested to ensure it is fit for purpose and has an appropriate guarentee
  • encourages the demand for more green products
  • encourages retailers to carry green products and services

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Ecolabelling is a system that helps consumers identify environmentally-friendly products or services. Consumers should know what ecolabelling is because it can help you make more informed decision when purchasing products and services. Ecolabels provide information about a product’s environmental impacts, including energy use, materials, and waste production.

By understanding ecolabelling, consumers can choose products that have a lesser impact on the environment and promote sustainable production and consumption. Ecolabelling also creates a more transparent market and encourages companies to be more eco-friendly, which can lead to a reduction in harmful environmental practices and a more sustainable future for all.

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