GENICES fosters mutual trust and cooperation among GEN members. The purpose of GENICES is to serve as a mechanism to enhance multilateral cooperation and collaboration.

There are four main mechanisms that mutual recognition occurs. They are:

  • Recognition and adoption of standards / criteria development
  • Recognition of verification processes or “audits”
  • Full recognition of an ecolabelled product or service
  • Full recognition of a whole ecolabelling scheme

GEN mutual recognition also drives capability and scalability through enabling GEN member organizations’ to grow their range of standards and criteria.

Ultimately, this ensures that manufacturers, distributors – and ultimately consumers have greater access to global markets through connecting with other GEN member programs.

How does GENICES work?

GENICES is a peer review process by GEN member organisations which benchmarks members on a basis for mutual trust and confidence.

Once successful completing GENICES, they may collaborate on standards/criteria to be included in the common internationally accepted data based.

There are four Guiding Principles of GENICES

  1. Providing a mechanism for enhancing cooperation and collaboration on products certification, criteria development and review
  2. Participation is voluntary and open to current full GEN members, and is also a requirement for Associate members seeking transition to Full membership.
  3. A formal methodology is to be used for common criteria development, review and adoption.
  4. The GENICES is to remain intact for an indefinite period of time but continue to evolve. GEN recommends re-assessment every 5 years.

There are seven steps to the GENICES process:

  1. Contacting the secretariat at to express interest
  2. Scheduling a mutual agreeable time to conduct of an on-site audit
  3. Submitting applications at least one month in advance of scheduled on-site audit
  4. Auditors will review the submission
  5. Auditors will visit Applicants office for two days to review program operations and interview key staff
  6. Auditors will prepare a draft site audit report and delivery it to Applicant within one month of completion. Applicants can respond to comments and suggestions. Once approved auditors will finalise report and email final signed copy to applicants.
  7. Conclusion of GENICES Process – Applicants will be notified on the outcome of the GENICES and if successfully completed will be awarded GENICES certificate at the next Annual General Meeting.

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