World Ecolabel Day

World Ecolabel Day is an annual event that celebrates trusted and transparent ecolabels.

World Ecolabel Day also seeks to raise awareness to governments and businesses in order to support our environmental future through the procurement of GEN ecolabels.

Look Closer Campaign

In order to ensure that the products you choose can be trusted and are proven to be environmentally beneficial, you need to look for life cycle ecolabels. We create a video that will help viewers understand ecolabelling.  Lifecycle Ecolabels prove that a products or service has met the highest environmental requirements across all stages of its life – this include extraction of raw materials, how it’s made, it’s used and how it is recycled. Lifecycle ecolabels can be found around the globe and make with every purchase a positive difference for people and the planet is made.

Report Helps IT Buyers Avoid Greenwash and False Claims

GEN Full Member TCO Development, whose life cycle ecolabel TCO Certified focuses on certifying IT products, recently released a report to help IT buyers worldwide accurately verify social and environmental aspects of their purchases.