Sustainable Public Procurement Article

Benefits of Ecolabel Sustainable Public Procurement

The sustainable public procurement (SPP) of Type 1 ecolabels offers valuable prospects for creating positive, sustainable environmental, economic outcomes, and for driving sustainable innovation. As most organisations spend 40 to 80% of their financial …

Case study – EPEAT Ecolabels & SPP

With more than 4000 EPEAT-registered products available in 40 countries around the world, EPEAT is a leading global ecolabel for electronic products. EPEAT is owned and managed by the Global Electronics Council (GEC), a mission-driven non-profit that leverages the power …

Thailand Green Label, the key driver of Green Public Procurement 

Green Public Procurement (GPP) refers to the process by which public authorities consider environmental factors when purchasing goods, services, or works. GPP aims to promote sustainable consumption and production patterns, reduce environmental impacts, and drive demand for environmentally friendly products

KEITI – Sustainable Public Procurement Review Article

A review about Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) recently published from the United Nations Environment Program highlights the current status and importance of SPP worldwide. Most relevant organizations are selecting ecolabels, standards, and certification as key topics as a driving force

News from NGO Living Planet in Ukraine

How Ecolabels Contribute to Climate Change Mitigation

Since 2020, the NGO “Living Planet” has been implementing an educational project called “Climate and Environmental Education for Primary School Students” (with the support of the Finnish Embassy in Ukraine, in partnership with