GECA and SEC Webinar - Ecolabels and Sustainable Public Procurement

The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) and Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) joined forces for their first joint green labels webinar.

Expert speakers from around the world spoke about a wide range of topics related to green labels and their importance in public procurement and the marketplace.

Global Consumer Information Conference 2022: Turning Information into Action Ecolabelling Session

The Global consumer information conference 2022: Turning Information into Action (Ecolabelling Session), had experts speak on why ecolabels are a reliable necessary tool of choice for consumers to protect them against greenwashing.

Original One Planet Network Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsRdxUK-ZYg

Conference #REUE2022: Interview with Björn Erik Lönn

Björn Erik Lönn interview at the Sustainable Consumption Conference organised by EU Ecolabel – Portugal during WED celebrations.

Original EU Ecolabel Portugal Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJW8fxVMngM

Low Carbon Building Products Seminar

Confederation of Indian Industry

Green Seal Webinar - Public Procurement and the Health of the Nation

Choosing Certified Products to Protect Health and Support Equity in the Workplace.

Fighting Greenwashing in the Retail Sector

GEN, Ecological Union & TCO Development Webinar 2021