2018 World Ecolabel Day Celebrations

World Ecolabel Day Events Around the Globe


Celebrating Sustainable Practices

GEN members and affiliate organizations around the globe joined together in celebration of ecolabelling standards and sustainable practices that preserve our environment for the first time on 25 October 2018. Here's a look at some of the ways the first ever World Ecolabel Day was celebrated across the planet.


Commemoration Through Education

In preparation for World Ecolabel Day, several GEN members created videos on the ecolabels in their country and the importance of certified, sustainable practices to their nations.

You can view these videos, created with support from a GEN World Ecolabel Day grant, below.


New Zealand
(Watch on YouKu)



(Watch on YouKu)


A Social Activity

GEN members and affiliate organizations around the globe posted their World Ecolabel Day activities and events across websites and social media leading up to and occurring on the day of the celebration. While there were too many to list all of them, here's a look at some of the excellent programs and activities in place for World Ecolabel Day 2018



WED Webinar

TCO Development jointly organized a webinar together with EU Ecolabel and GEN (with GEN chair Björn-Erik speaking through a pre-recorded video). Registration was shared across TCO and GEN social media.



Hong Kong Green Council

 The Hong Kong Green Council spread ecolabel and World Ecolabel Day info across web, social media, and traditional channels.


SEC WED Roadshow composite

Singapore Environment Council

The Singapore Environment Council took their World Ecolabel Day celebration on the road. The SEC's WED Roadshow engaged the public and raised awareness of ecolabels on products that support the environment.


Screen Shot 2018 11 12 at 1.52.21 PM

Thailand Environment Institute

 This banner from GEN member Thailand Environment Institute is just one example of how TEI publicized World Ecolabel Day.


Nordic Swan Ecolabel

In addition to this campaign film, which ran as part of a common campaign with Fairtrade and their national organic label, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel also released this set of posters for social media distribution.


And More 

These and other great examples of environmentally conscious organizations and GEN members celebrating World Ecolabel Day can be found on our Facebook page or by searching for the hashtag "#WorldEcolabelDay".


Don’t forget to let us know how you celebrated! Email a description of your activities and pictures to