You can use the ideas below to bring attention to World Ecolabel Day in October.

Do you have any ideas? if so email us a description of your activities + pictures and we will post them here.

You’ll see what others are doing at home and around the world to celebrate World Ecolabel Day.

  • Make a short video of your favourite ecolabel product or service and post it online – to your social media accounts (don’t forget to tag us we want to see them!) or website.
  • Use our key messages to spread awareness to your followers on facebook, linkedin or other social media
  • Write an article about your activity (we can post it on our website)
  • Have a contest about the greenest activities
  • Start a campaign to get more green products at retailers near you
  • Speak about it on your local newsletter

Don’t forget to let us know how you are celebrating!

Through your Facebook, Linkedin or even email us a description of your activity and pictures at