Global Ecolabelling Network has partnered with UN Environmental Programme and funded by International Climate Initiative to reproduce a modernised version of the 2009 ecolabelling training programme.

This training has nine modules with different focuses on:

  • What are ecolabels?
  • Why and how ecolabels contribute to environmental outcomes;
  • How ecolabels are applied to product groups;
  • The governance (policies & procedures) required to ensure credible certification;
  • The successful market transformation through ecolabelled products; and
  • The role of stakeholders including governments and civil society organizations in promoting and increasing the effectiveness of ecolabels.

Who is this programme for?

Any ecolabelling body, a partner, buyer or policy maker of ecolabels, this programme will help them build knowledge in all aspects of ecolabelling and understand the environmental impacts and importance of using credible labelling. This programme is also useful for manufacturers and auditors to discover the mechanisms of ecolabels and how to ensure success. Diverse stakeholders will also have the opportunity to expand their knowledge on the economic and environmental theory of life cycle ecolabels and learn to integrate their knowledge into their workplace/system to create positive environmental impacts and changes.


Additional information and resources can be found below to support you in your ecolabelling training.

Would you be interested in a training opportunity?

If you are interested in delivering this programme, we will provide you with resources such as a facilitator’s guide and power points to support the delivery of the training

Please email the for access to content and more information.

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