Featured Member: TCO Certified – Helping to Solve Social Issues in IT Supply Chains

Published On: 06-Aug-2018

Featured Member: TCO Certified – Helping to Solve Social Issues in IT Supply Chains

By using the TCO Certified sustainability certification, IT brands, manufacturers and buyers have seen less non-conformities in the manufacturing of certified computers, displays and other electronic products.  

Through ongoing reviews of factories where certified products are made, the TCO Certified model of independent audit verification and follow-up of corrective actions is having an effect. The key factor in this success has been to not only verify independent social auditing in the factories, but to go back and see that that identified corrective actions have in fact been made.

In a recent review of factories manufacturing certified products, instances of non-conformities were reduced to 3 minor from an earlier 12. These three minor instances were also closed upon follow-up. Three key steps in driving these improvements were to audit and verify, then correct identified non-conformities, and finally either re-audit or verify that corrections have been made. 

With a sharper focus on social responsibility, purchasers risk a gap between setting demands on the IT industry, and verifying that the desired outcomes are actually achieved at the factory and product level. The additional follow-up applied in TCO Certified helps purchasers go beyond just asking for a code of conduct, and helps industry correct identified gaps in their supply chain responsibility. 

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