Inaugural GEN Member Meet Up ̶ a Conversation on Circular Economy Solutions

Published On: 22-Jun-2021

10:00-12:00 24 June 2021

GEN MemberMeetUp SMPost2


We know how important it is to design products with the end in mind and we are not alone. The rise of circular economy solutions is of global interest. Join our members-only conversation to explore circular economy solutions and the longevity of products.

How can Type 1 ecolabels be part of the answer? What are you doing as an ecolabel to drive excellence in circular economy solutions and how can we help each other? We will explore what is happening in government policy and businesses procurement in our own countries and find out how we can be part of the procurement action.

This will be a facilitated session and conversation in order to optimise our learnings from each other.

We are also inviting a special external guest to present to our members. LONGTIME® label will present their label and benefits to our labels for part of the session. Read more about them here.

Contact the Secretariat at for details.