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The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council convenes buyers, suppliers, and public interest advocates to develop programs that simplify and standardise sustainable purchasing efforts by large organisations.

Deadline: 15 June, 2018

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The way sustainability concepts are generally presented isn’t relevant to consumers. Radley Yeldar, an independent, London-based communications agency, provides a guide for reframing your communications.

Björn-Erik Lönn, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Global Ecolabelling Network was the convener of the working group that revised the standard.

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Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) announces that Bureau Veritas has achieved JAS-ANZ accreditation and has commenced auditing and certification for products and services seeking GECA certification.

Putting words into action was the theme of the annual conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) in Stockholm, Sweden, in October this year.

GEN member TCO Development begins its second quarter-century with the launch of a new generation of TCO Certified. “TCO Certified is today the global leader,” says GEN Chair Bjorn-Erik Lonn.

The 2016 GEN Annual Report is available.