5 Recommendations for Better Plastics Labelling

Published On: 10-Jul-2020

Only 19% of assessed labels give consumers quality information about recycling according to new research by Consumers International, UNEP and the One Planet Network. In response the report authors have created five global recommendations for action to engage businesses, policy makers and standard setters in creating better labelling for plastic packaging that make sustainability the easy choice for consumers.

  1. Businesses should follow the Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information in their plastic packaging communications
  2. Definitions about the content and reusability of plastic packaging need to be harmonised at a global level
  3. Standards, labels and claims need to better reflect actual conditions
  4. The use of the ‘chasing arrows’ symbol should be restricted to indicating recyclability
  5. Informative and verified recycling labels should be adopted and their proper use enforced

Read the full report here.