Consumers, companies, and communities worldwide will celebrate this event by discovering ecolabels available in their own countries, buying and using third-party certified products and services, and sharing the good news with family, friends, neighbours, and coworkers.

World Ecolabel Day also seeks to raise awareness to governments and businesses in order to support our environmental future through the procurement of GEN ecolabels.

This year the Global Ecolabelling Network will celebrate sustainability heroes. There are many ways you can get involved. We encourage everyone to tell their stories about how individual and companies are making a positive impact on the environment by developing, prioritising or choosing ecolabels products.

Our heroes are:

  • our GEN Members, the world’s most credible and robust ecolabels
  • our GEN Members’ licensees that show sustainability leadership and commitment to better products and services for the people and the planet
  • procurers who include ecolabels in their policies
  • all consumers who look closer at each product and take the next step choosing products and services certified by lifecycle ecolabels

Prepare your story and follow us on social media to see all interesting stories from around the world.

Look Closer Campaign

We will also continue to promote our international Look Closer ecolabelling campaign. This campaign was launched last year and is designed to educate procurement officials about avoiding greenwashing and to help them insist on products and services with lifecycle ecolabels.

Celebrating World Ecolabel Day

This fun video explains simply why lifecycle ecolabels are so important and how you can celebrate them. Share with friends and post the link on your social media.

Use these hashtags to talk about World Ecolabel Day. Spread the word and be sure to follow your local ecolabel so that you can tweet and post content often!

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