Netherlands (Milieukeur)

Organisation: SMK

Program: Milieukeur

Contact Details:

Ellen Brussee, Communication Manager

Bezuidenhoutseweg 105 - 2594 AC The Hague


Tel: +31 70-3586300


Milieukeur is the official Dutch ISO Type 1 ecolabel for more sustainable non-food products and services since 1992, managed by SMK and supervised by the Dutch Accreditation Council. For more than 25 years, SMK has worked with business organisations to improve the sustainability of products and business management. SMK is also Competent Body of the EU Ecolabel of the European Commission.

Organisation and Strategy

As independent non-profit organization with in-depth knowledge of sustainability, SMK guides companies from various sectors to reduce the environmental impact of their production and operations. Through our certification programs, we are taking steps together towards a smaller environmental footprint. In this way, we aim to create a more sustainable world and achieve a balance between the carrying capacity of our planet and our way of life.


Milieukeur criteria

Ambitious sustainability requirements provide the compass for the route to a more sustainable world. Currently Milieukeur criteria are available for 9 product groups, and are only available or developed for product groups outside the scope of the EU Ecolabel. Milieukeur certified products from ca. 40 companies for consumers and businesses vary from fire extinguishing agents to ‘green’ electricity and kitchen cabinets.

Milieukeur criteria relate to the whole life cycle of the product or service, as various sustainability themes are integrated in a balanced approach. Such themes are: climate and energy; harmful substances, fine particle; packaging and waste; raw materials; water quality and quantity; and working conditions.

Criteria development is based on independent research including an LCA-approach, under the responsibility of a Board of Experts. This Board consists of representatives of companies, retail, government, scientists, and civil society. Extensive stakeholder consultation guarantees high quality and social support. Criteria are updated and revised regularly.

Independent verification

To ensure third party verification for Milieukeur certification, SMK has licensing agreements with independent certification bodies. These bodies have been accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council.